Uganda Press Photo Award 2013 Winners Announced

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Uganda Press Photo of the Year 2013: A police officer shouts for assistance as an injured man is carried away from the scene of a fuel tanker crash. The man, a Somali truck driver, was taken to Mulago hospital after suffering severe burns and other injuries in the accident. (Photo by Drake Ssentongo)

KAMPALA – The Foreign Correspondents’ Association of Uganda (FCAU) together with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) is pleased to announce that the Uganda Press Photo Award 2013 has been won by Drake Ssentongo for his picture of the aftermath of a fuel tanker crash on the Jinja road. The full list of winners can be found at the bottom of this page. The UPPA’s opening ceremony and prize-giving was held at 6pm on Thursday October 17th 2013 at Makerere Art Gallery, Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts, Makerere University. This year’s winners included a large number of freelance photographers from all over Uganda, as well as from the national newspapers.

The award ceremony was preceded by a public panel discussion on the subject of photojournalism’s role in contemporary society. The dialogue set the stage for the official opening of the exhibition, which include the winners and runners up of the Uganda Press Photo Award, as well as historical images  from photojournalism’s early days in Uganda. The event was attended by most of Uganda’s working photographers, along with AFP’s chief photographer for East Africa Carl De Souza and South Africa’s inspirational Santu Mafokeng. Photographers from all over the country submitted their pictures and the exhibition showed some of the best Ugandan photojournalism in a range of fields, from the past year. The exhibition will be open to the public until November 7th.

The Uganda Press Photo Award 2013 was supported by the US Mission in Uganda, Aqua Sipi, Definition and Fotogenix Ltd. FCAU expresses thanks to the sponsors for their involvement.

More information is available at the newly updated and redesigned Uganda Press Photo Award page of the FCAU website www.uppa.fcau.org.
For further information about Freidrich Ebert Stiftung please, email info@fes-uganda.org, or phone 0414345535.

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List of Winners of the UPPA 2013

Drake Ssentongo – The Uganda Press Photo of the Year and 1st Prize News
Abubaker Lubowa – 2nd Prize News
Jjumba Marin – 1st Prize Daily Life
Simon Naulele – 2nd Prize Daily Life
Abubaker Lubowa – 3rd Prize Daily Life
Papa Shabani – Honourable Mention Daily Life
Abdul Kinyenya Muyingo – Honourable Mention Daily Life
Michael Nsubuga – 1st Prize Sport
Papa Shabani – 2nd Prize Sport
Kibibi Emmanuel – 3rd Prize Sport
Matthias Mugisha – 1st Prize Nature
Matthias Mugisha – 2nd Prize Nature
Emmanuel Ibolit – 3rd Prize Nature
Eddie Ssejjoba – 1st Prize Portrait
David Gonahas – 2nd Prize Portrait
Abubaker Lubowa – 3rd Prize Portrait
Papa Shabani – Honorable Mention Portrait
Enock Kakande – Honorable Mention Portrait
Drake Ssentongo – 1st Prize Story
Paul Watala – 2nd Prize Story
Abdul Kinyenya Muyingo – 3rd Prize Story
Kibuuka Mukisa Oscar – Honorable Mention Story


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