FCAU calls on Ugandan authorities to drop charges against Moses Bwayo and return equipment

published on 28.02.2020 by Liam Taylor

The Foreign Correspondents’ Association of Uganda (FCAU) calls on the Ugandan authorities to drop all charges against journalist Moses Bwayo and to immediately return his camera equipment.

Moses was arrested in Kampala on Monday evening as he was documenting Bobi Wine record a music video.

On Wednesday he was charged with “unlawful assembly” and released on police bond.

Police continue to hold two of Moses’ cameras.

Despite promising to return the equipment, the police have given no indication as to when this will take place.

In the meantime, Moses is unable to go about his work.

In statements given to the media the police have given an inaccurate and misleading account of the circumstances of Moses’ arrest.

Moses is under contract with UK-based production company Southern Films to make a long-term documentary about Bobi Wine, a member of parliament whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi, and his People Power pressure group.

Independent journalism is a vital part of a free society and Ugandan authorities must not criminalise journalists reporting on opposition political groups.